E & S Solutions is a privately owned building contracting business that prides itself on innovation, quality and success. It has a passion for exceeding expectations. Based in Jersey, Channel Island and operating across the Channel Islands, E & S carry out a range of new build and refurbishment projects to public and private sector buildings.  E & S are always keen to work on any type and value of project for the right client and consultant team.

Please find below some more detailed areas service we can provide.

Design & Build

We provide a design and build service on works undertaken. From initial consultation through to final completion we provide sound, expert advice and innovative solutions to assist you in transforming your ideas into reality. We work closely with our architects and engineers to produce architectural drawings, obtain planning permission and ensure compliance with building regulations. We deliver a full project management service and provide our clients with a complete schedule of works and accurate time scales for completion.

Building Works

Building dream homes for our clients is what drives us to work harder in the creation of landmark buildings.

As experienced building contractors, we know that most new build projects have often been in the pipeline for months, often years by the time a client is looking for a team to build their home. 

Normally, we get involved once plans are at the tender stage although we are happy to consult with industry professionals and clients at any stage of the process to advise on a project. Via our extensive network throughout the channel islands, we can also help to arrange an independent architect or structural engineer with the right type of skills for the scale and detail of the project.

Costs will always vary for a new build project, and will depend heavily on the specification of the sub-structure and the standard of the internal finishes. We approach every project as a bespoke scheme so can advise on the appropriate timescale and budgets required to achieve the finished home at the specification you desire.

We understand that this is your dream home and will do all that we can to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible on all fronts.


Creating extensions which add value, space and style to a home is the lifeblood of E & S Solutions. Our expertise in the construction of extensions which work with the fabric of a property to create groundbreaking homes.

An average sized extension on a semi-detached home would take around 12 weeks to complete (14 weeks for a larger detached house). A sunroom extension would take approximately 8 weeks to complete (depending on the home)

All projects are different and a representative from E & S Solutions will visit your home to discuss the wider demands of the project in person. If you are in need of any plans or structural calculations we are able to arrange an independent Architect or Engineer to conduct these on your behalf.

We try to keep disruption to family life to a minimum so extensions are completed externally and then the break through into the house will be done as far down the line as possible. With our experience, we know the difficulties an extension can pose to day to day living and with this in mind a project manager will be on hand to look after every part of the build from day one.

Restoration and Renovation

At E & S Solutions, each restoration, renovation or refurbishment project is bespoke to the home in question.

Whether it is restoring a period property to its former glory, refurbishing student accommodation or renovating a neglected family home – each project is undertaken with the kind of professional care and attention to detail that runs throughout the E & S portfolio.

Costs will vary from project to project and will depend on the scale of works to be completed and the standard of internal finishes to be applied. During renovation or refurbishment works, we can also advise on the introduction of modern, energy efficient measures to bring an older home into the 21st century.

We are able to deliver the full range of skills required to deliver a renovation project – no matter the size. From major structural alterations and building works to kitchen fitting, tiling and decorating – we project manage the scheme to create a property to exceed the expectations of our clients.


The focus of most homes is a well styled, inviting kitchen; it has become the area where family and friends congregate before a meal. A modern streamlined kitchen has become a must in every home.

We design the kitchen around you, and will complete every element, from fitting, to plumbing, to electrics, to flooring, tiling and decorating to ensure that you have the minimum of disruption to your life during the project.

We clean up after ourselves and take pride in making sure every element of the finishing is completed to the highest quality standards.

Even if you know the kitchen you want and who to buy it from we can still install it for you contact us today..


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home! You could be enjoying the luxury of a newly designed fitted bathroom within 2 weeks from now.

We have a dedicated and experienced team of bathroom designers and installers who can carry out any request for bathroom fitting and design or units installation and all associated services including plumbing services, electrical services – spotlights, sockets, remodelling and decorating using a variety of materials and tiling like marble, granite, limestone and ceramic tiles.

Even if you know the bathroom you want and who to buy it from we can still install it for you contact us today.


We work hard to understand our clients, their business and how to help them achieve their goals.

Our commitment to using local supply chain partners.

Our ability to work in occupied and working environments.

Our commitment to this type of project goes far beyond providing a building.

Mission Statement and values


“To provide a committed, unique and enjoyable Construction solution”


“To grow the most respected and assured Construction Company across a number of market sectors”


· To operate with integrity, honesty, professionalism and fairness

· To provide the safest, inspiring and most exciting working environment for our colleagues

· To provide a motivated and unique service to our Stakeholders

· To provide innovation in design, construction and cost