Design Work & Planning

Whether you have plans or not it is always good to source advice and guidance. At this initial stage we can help guide you to choose the right professional team to suit you and your needs.  Your construction project should be an enjoyable and exciting time in your life, don't make it painful by rushing and picking the wrong team to work with. Even at this early stage you can start to save money or achieve more than you may realise.

Pricing & Quoting


The next step can the biggest and getting the truth can be the hardest. We provide a full estimating and quotation service, breaking down your project to all its elements so you can understand how we have got to our price. We provide a detailed breakdown so you can see how the costs are separated into each element of work and can work with you to keep within your budgets this also helps us to show you where money can potentially be saved. 

Have you had quotes or estimates from other builders and are not sure if your getting value for money? Do you have concerns or just need another option to consider? Contact us today for a free estimate.

Acceptance and Starting on site

Exciting times, you have chosen E & S to carry out your work. We will arrive in a professional clean and tidy manner starting how we mean to carry on. We will agree a programme of work from the outset so you know how long the work will take. We will be in contact with you daily on site and if you're away we can inform you of progress. We pride ourselves on being clean and tidy throughout the project creating a good and safe working environment which helps us achieve the best quality on every project. 

At the project stage we will produce all the relevant health and safety documentation for your specific project. This includes risk assessments, method statements and having a project health and safety folder in accordance with Management in Construction (Jersey) Regulations 2016.

We are very proud of work we have carried out and the relationships we build with clients so please take some time to look at our previous projects and client testimonials.

Contracts & Payments

On every project we create a contract for both parties to sign setting out all the key points of the project and identifying payment terms. Each contract will safeguard both you as a client and ourselves as contractors. Ensuring all insurances are in place for the project and any specific terms and conditions are noted.

If you are unsure on which contract is the right one for your project, don't worry we will run through the contract that suits your works and give you time to go through it before you sign.

In most circumstances payments are scheduled fortnightly or monthly. In some smaller projects usually less than four weeks we may agree to take full payment on completion.

Some projects may require deposits to be paid but will shall inform you of this before the works are scheduled to start and inform you what these will be used for. 

We use our estimate when invoicing to make things simple and easy for you to follow. Applications for payment will be made against works completed or percentages of works completed on larger items. We will be more than happy to go through applications with you whilst going around the project showing you which items relate to costs.


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